International Legal Linguistics Workshop (ILLWS24)



Call for Papers

The seventh International Legal Linguistics Workshop (ILLWS24) will be held at the Faculty of Law on 25 June 2024 and co-hosted by the Austrian Association for Legal Linguistics (AALL) and the Department of Administrative and Constitutional Law at the University of Vienna. The focus of the workshop is the legal language teaching under the theme “The Future of Teaching Law and Language.” It will primarily address, but is not limited to, questions such as:

How can teaching methodologies in law be improved to prepare students for university examinations more effectively?

Which role can legal linguistics and legal semiotics play in enhancing legal language teaching?

How can artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies be used responsibly in legal language teaching?

How can research on legal language teaching and assessment address the divergence between everyday language and legal jargon?

How can interdisciplinary perspectives, such as insights from language learning theory, legal linguistics and legal semiotics, improve the effectiveness of the teaching law?

Which research gaps exist in understanding legal language learning, and how can future studies contribute to filling these gaps?

How can casebooks, legal dictionaries and other legal language teaching materials be updated to reflect contemporary developments in legal practice?

Which teaching strategies can be employed to foster a deeper understanding of legal terminology amongst law students, particularly in preparation for real-world legal scenarios?

How can legal language teaching facilitate the transfer of legal language skills from law school to practical legal contexts?

How can legal language teaching contribute students developing critical thinking skills and legal reasoning abilities?

How can legal language teaching address the multilingual and multicultural dimensions of language use in legal contexts?

Which lessons can be derived from teaching legal language in specialised areas of legal expertise, such as hospitality law?

Abstracts may be submitted in English or German and should be 200-250 words (excluding references and keywords) and should include 3-5 keywords and a selection of key references (3-5). Please also include information regarding the author(s), such as names and affiliations.
Submissions should be sent to the organising committee by 15 May 2024 to the following
email address:
Applicants will receive a decision on acceptance or rejection of their submission by 25 May 2024.

The ILLWS24 Organising Committee  

Daniel Green
Christian Piska
Januš C. Varburgh
Sophie Mochar
Paul Schwarzenbacher
Maria Pober
Cornelia Eißler

ILLWS24 Conference & Event Management

Januš C. Varburgh