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4th International Legal Linguistics Workshop (ILLWS21)


11th December 2021 // Vienna, Austria & online

The fourth International Legal Linguistics Workshop (ILLWS21) will be organised by the Austrian Association for Legal Linguistics (AALL) and will take place as part of the 46th Austrian Linguistics Conference.

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Call for Papers:

The focus of the workshop is legal linguistics. It will primarily address, but is not limited to, questions such as:

  • How can theoretical and applied legal linguistics contribute to solving linguistic challenges in legal and business contexts?
  • Which arenas of cooperation and conflict exist for lawyers and linguists
  • How can a multi-layered approach to discourse analysis be related to language practices in sensitive human rights contexts?
  • Which impact does computational creativity and emotional artificial intelligence have on language use in the legal system?
  • How can the study of metapragmatics in legal contexts contribute to identifying indexical and ideological phenomena?
  • Which role do research associations play in the promotion and development of legal linguistics across the globe?
  • Is legal linguistics undergoing a process of fragmentation in Europe?
  • What are the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 (‘Corona’) outbreak on medico-legal communication? Which role do text trajectories play in emergency and intensive medical care settings?
  • Can legal linguistics contribute to legal language teaching in law schools? If so, how?

Abstracts should be 200-300 words and should include 3-5 keywords and a selection of key references (3-5). Please also include information regarding the author(s), such as names and affiliations.

Submissions should be sent to daniel.leisser@oegrl.com and paul.schwarzenbacher@oegrl.com.

Deadline for submissions: 1 September 2021

Panel discussion series: Language and Law



The new date will be announced in due course

Language and Law

Sprache, Recht und Literatur

Literatur und Recht spiegeln durch die Sprache das Menschsein in all seinen Spielarten. Während das Recht durch die Sprache nur gebieten kann, lässt die Literatur auch das (Un)sagbare zum Gesagten, das (Un)schreibbare zum Geschriebenen werden.

Diese Podiumsdiskussion befasst sich mit der Frage nach den Berührungspunkten von Sprache, Recht und Literatur. Ist Sprache nur ein Medium unseres Denkens? Schafft sprachliches Handeln in Recht und Literatur auch kulturelle Wirklichkeiten? Welche Beziehungen bestehen zwischen Sprache, Recht und Literatur im Digitalen Zeitalter und wie lassen sich diese Beziehungen alltagsnah beschreiben?

With Andrea Griesebner (University of Vienna); Ebrahim Afsah (University of Vienna); Achim Hermann Hölter (University of Vienna); Maria Pober (University of Vienna / Deutsch-Kolleg Vienna der ÖOG Hammer-Purgstall / AALL) and Daniel Leisser (University of Vienna / AALL).

Keynote speech: Marie-Therese Sauer (University of Vienna / Uni-Verse Creative Writing Society)

Moderation: Jana Möseler (Danube-University Krems)

In cooperation with Stadt Wien – Büchereien.

Download the event poster here.

From left to right: Andrea Griesebner, Ebrahim Afsah, Achim Hermann Hölter, Maria Pober, Jana Möseler, Daniel Leisser, Marie-Therese Sauer