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International Legal Linguistics Workshop 2018 (ILLWS18)


26th-28th October 2018  //  Leopold-Franzens-Universität, Innsbruck

This event is in German and English

As part of the 44th Austrian Linguistics Conference (ÖLT2018) from 26th – 28th October 2018, the 1st Legal Linguistics Workshop 2018 (ILLWS18) will take place, organised from the Austrian Association for Legal Linguistics.

“The Austrian Linguistics Conference has a longstanding tradition of open exchange in all the areas of Linguistics. The 44th Conference in Innsbruck will also serve the same purpose, as it is intended as a forum for the presentation and discussion of various interests and fields of research in historical, general, descriptive and applied linguistics in the form of talks, poster presentations and workshops.” (ÖLT 2018, @oelt2018)

If you wish to register, please use the ConfTool: http://oelt2018.sprawi.at/register/. The accepted contributions and the final programme will be announced in due course.

You can download the workshop proposal here.